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Full of Gold

I have not been to any other place where most of its iconic buildings are covered in gold (don’t know if its real). From the pagodas, statues, walls, pillars and much more.

Schwe Dagon Pagoda

The main and central attraction of Yangon would have to be the Schwe Dagon Pagoda. Covered in Gold (dont know if real) this spectacular place is a pleasure to visit. Great photos from every single corner. However if visiting ensure you bring appropriate clothing, no shorts or vests.

Roaming the Streets

Roaming the streets of Yangon is a little difficult, it is congested and hectic, roads become pavements and vice versa. However it is a beautiful thing, the fact you can experience the city the way locals do.

Yangon roads like most places can also get very busy and traffic. All attractions are a walk away so it is advised to do so. It is said that you can even get to a location much quicker walking than going by road.

Abandoned Theme Park

Not an official attraction in Yangon, but a beautiful place to explore for the more adventurous travellers.

“To travel is to live”

— Hans Christian Andersen

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