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Tokyo is Japan’s most populous prefecture. It is popular for its mix of being very modern with the most advance technology around whilst keeping intact with its traditions.

A-List Crossing

An Iconic image of Tokyo is the busy Shibuya Crossing. Famed for its unique diagonal crossing with a background full of colourful lights the crossing is used in many international films. Try not to bump into someone!


Japan is another that is a haven for shoppers, ones that love to bask in luxury but also to others that love a bit of bargains. Whatever the budget there will be a shopping district for you.
(Top Row Harajuku, Bottom Row Ginza)

A Little Fishy

For those fish lovers one of the best places to visit and try the freshest catch is the Tsukiji Market where locals and restauranteurs buy and even bid for fish. For tourists this is the place with some of the best fish restaurants to try.

A Bit of Calm Within the City

As busy and as hectic as Tokyo is, there is a place for calm and peace at the Yoyogi Park right next to the Meiji Shrine. It was nice and quiet when I went although I have been told it can get very busy here sometimes.

And A Lot More To See

Like London and other capitals there is just so much to see and do. The following are a few of Tokyo’s main attractions.

due to my short stay in the city I had missed out a lot of the main places to see however i’ll be sure to return very soon and complete my exploration of the city.

“You only live once and its actually your duty to live it as fully as possible”.

— Jojo Moyes

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