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Christmas Market

The purpose of my trip to Estonia was for a quick excursion from Finland which i doubled up as a Christmas Market trip. I stayed there for 2 nights which in my opinion was enough to roam the city.

Tallinn, Estonia was incredibly small but bursting with character. For the size of the city, surprisingly I had a load of pictures only a handful which I have posted here.

The Old Town

Charming views all around

Three Headless Monks

One of the main things to see in the old town are these headless monk statues situated in the Danish Gardens. I believe these were a gift from Denmark.

Probably My Favourite Christmas Market

Tallinn only had a single market at the centre of town but what a market it was. It was small but I was impressed with the atmosphere. I felt the cosy mellow festive feeling, something I love. The setting was also great, with the snow like the icing on top of the cake. One of my favourite Christmas market.

“Never let your memories be greater than your dreams”

— Douglas Ivester

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