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Oslo was another of my short weekend trips and in my opinion the duration was enough to be able to roam the city. Oslo is a very neat place, very artsy.

Roaming this Beautiful City

Roaming Oslo was brilliant, a pleasure to do. Although the city was huge and tiring to roam (walk) one end to the other. The city has e-scooters to rent and they are widely used by tourists. The city is vibrant amazing streets and a spectacular harbour, a real treat to explore.

Oslo’s Attractions

A Whole Load of Statues

Vigeland Park

This park was unlike any I have seen around world. I can only best describe it as an outdoor statue museum. This place is probably one of the highlights of the trip, where some of the statues you may notice are cover attractions to the city such as the ‘angry baby’ shown below.

Don’t Look Down


A former Olympic venue now a museum that I highly recommend. Beware if you are afraid of heights.

Its Art All Around

If you like a bit of art, Oslo wont disappoint there is plenty around just roam and you’ll pass them.

“Like all great travellers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen.”

— Benjamin Disraeli

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