My Travel Statistics


Monitored using ‘Places Been’ App

% of world travelled 17.34%

Continents Visited 3/7

Countries Visited 33/238

Geographical Statistics

Northernmost City / Rovaniemi

Easternmost City / Tokyo

Southernmost City / Sao Paulo

Westernmost City / Lima

Northernmost Country / Finland

Easternmost Country / Japan

Southernmost Country / Brazil

Westernmost Country / Peru

Personal Favourites

Excluding The Philippines and England (United Kingdom) due to home bias

Favourite Country Visited / Peru

Favourite Country in Asia / Myanmar

Favourite Country in Europe / Scotland (United Kingdom)

Favourite Country in South America / Peru

Favourite City or Province / Bagan (Myanmar)

Favourite Natural Landmark/ Isle of Skye (Scotland)

Favourite Manmade Structure / Bayon Temple (Cambodia)

Favourite Historic Structure / Machu Picchu Citadel (Peru)

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