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General Facts

  • Total Population: 4,46 billion people
  • Biggest Country (land area): Russia
  • Biggest Nation (People): China
  • Largest city: Tokyo

Did you know?

  • Similar to the EU (European Union), South East Asia also have a union known as the ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) this consist of 10 countries including the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and many more.

Most Visited Continent

According to various sources including the UNWTO and Europe is and has been for some time the most visited continent in the world. Maybe due to the ease of travel, infrastructure, safety or the multitude of cultures. Read about some of my experiences whilst roaming the continent.


General Facts

  • Total Population: 750 million
  • Biggest Country (land area): Russia
  • Biggest Nation (People): Russia
  • Largest city: Istanbul

Did you know?

  • Europe has both the largest and smallest country in the world
  • The continent has only one existing rainforest. The Perurica situated in Bosnia.
  • Europe was named after a greek princess Europa.

Most Travelled Population

According to the UNWTO in 2017, the Chinese are the most travelled population with Germans, Americans and Brits following. However this is up for debate as factors such as population (per capita) and wealth come into mind. Some statistics show that Finnish people travel most. Nontheless If I was to be a witness, I have seen and met loads of travellers from Germany and France but all depending on where I am in the world.

North America (Coming Soon)

General Facts

  • Total Population: 579 Million
  • Biggest Country (Land Area): Canada
  • Biggest Nation (Population): United States of America
  • Largest city: Mexico City

Did you know?

  • The Caribbean is generally considered to be part of the North American continent although some believe only certain countries of the Caribbean is part of North America whilst others are South American.

South America

General Facts

  • Total Population: 422 Million
  • Biggest Country (Land Area): Brazil
  • Biggest Nation (Population): Brazil
  • Largest city: Sao Paulo

Did you know?

  • The Amazon rainforest is considered to have the largest biodiversity in the world
  • Running through 7 countries the Andes is the worlds longest continental mountain range
  • The Bolivian Salar de Uyuni is the worlds largest salt flat and when it rains it makes a spectacular natural mirror.

Past Travel Itineraries

When I travel I rarely stay in one place and no matter how short or long my trips are I like to hit as many locations as possible. Click below to read just some of my past travel itineraries.

Current Favourite


Traditional Spanish colonial era buildings, ancient stone structures and its natural surroundings, this is what I loved about Peru.

Upcoming Tours and Destinations

Morocco w/ Gadventures

Due to the Covid Pandemic all plans have been getting cancelled left and right. Morocco is one of those trips and once possible I intend to go here first.

Continents Explored

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