Isle of Sky

Isle of Skye

Photos by Ian

Isle of Skye is in my opinion one of the best places to visit in Scotland and in the United Kingdom. There were incredible sceneries in nearly every stop in the isle. If you love hiking then this place is very peaceful.

On the way to the Island

Wherever you start your journey, driving towards the Isle of Skye is a pleasure. The scenery you pass are amazing, be sure to take stops enjoy the views.

Let’s Start in Portree

Once you arrive in the Isle, go straight to Portree the best place to start, stay and eat. The village is small but very peaceful and beautiful.

Drive and Stop

One of the main thing to do in the Isle is to drive either clockwise or counter clockwise and stop at any of the many landmarks on offer.

Enjoy the Hike

Although the drive will give you plenty incredible views, don’t limit yourself to those and go for a hike.

…but also relax and enjoy the surrounding beauty

…during your exploration dont forget to just stop relax and bask in the beautiful scenery. If the weather is good offcourse.

“Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions”.

— Albert Einstein

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