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Inverness is dubbed the cultural capital of the Scottish Highlands. A popular location to visit the Loch Ness lake famed for the mythical creature the Loch Ness Monster. Check out my photos exploring the city and excursing to its nearby landmarks.

Roaming the City

Inverness is an exceptional city to roam, its old stone buildings and river makes for an excellent scenery and atmosphere.

Inverness at Night

…the city also stands out at night. The abundance of street lights merge with the city in a beautiful calm and relaxed setting.

The Road Trip

The majority of visitors to Inverness would probably be going on a road trip, maybe to its nearby Lake Loch Nessor to its beautiful national parks.

Lake Lochness

One of the main places of a visit to Inverness is the huge Loch Ness Lake. There is many different views and angles to view the Lake, stop in many of the visitors parking or take a short boat cruise.

Loch Ness Centre

Off course a world famed myth needs a museum. Unfortunately due to covid the museum was shut and we needed to go elsewhere.

Glen Affric

If you are one that loves a little hike with incredible scenery, then take the drive to Glenn Affric. You wont regret it.

“If Nessie is 70 to 80 feet long, swims as fast as a motorboat and looks like a long-necked dinosaur, then we saw her.”

— Patricia Diaz

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