Ilocos Sur

Ilocos Sur


Photos By Ian
(Unless otherwise stated)

The Old Spanish Streets

An Iconic image and a reason to visit Vigan whilst in the Philippines are these well preserved Spanish streets built in the colonial era. It looks as incredible at night as it does in the day.

A Pleasant Night Show

I believe 3 times a day, locals and tourists in the city are treated to this simple but special fountain light show. It is an amazing highlight toa trip in Vigan

Exploring on Foot

Vigan is not too huge, many of the landmarks are walkable.

Let the Horses Take You Around

However for a few of the attractions, whydont you let the horse carriages known as the Kalesa tour you around. It is an amazing experience in itself. You can even ask the driver to take you to a drive through.

“Never let your memories become greater than your dreams”

— Douglas Ivester

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