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A Good Start for the Festivities

You guessed it, Helsinki was another Christmas market destination and my first in a Scandinavian country. It was good to see how it compares to that of its central European neighbours, countries with a more established festive scene such as Germany, Austria and France.

Helsinki’s Main Attractions

Just some of the many sites to see whilst in the city, other attractions include Suomenlinna island, Sibelius Monument, Market Square and many more.

Just Roaming

Although very cold, Helsinki is a pleasure to roam. Some points of interest can be far apart but many are central such as the photos below and photos above.

Helsinki in the Festive Season

The festive season here is good, but does not compare to the liveliness and cheerfulness of the more well known destinations such as Germany and France where the markets are like festivals. The best way I can describe the markets is a mellow cheerful atmosphere, very calm.

“Helsinki is a good start for a Finland festive. It has a nice calm atmsophere far from the rush of other destinations. However to complete a festive trip in Finland, the country has one of the most famous places for families to go. Rovaniemi, Lapland the home of Santa Clause. This is outstanding and far exceeds any expectations, it completes a Finland trip in huge proportions.

“To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake it is necessary to stand in the cold”

— Aristotle

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