Golden Circle

The Golden Circle

Photos By Ian

When in Iceland it is best that you get a car and go for a drive. The Golden Circle is one of the best routes to explore with many of the countries natural attraction based here. Check out what we saw when we was driving around. Unfortunately our road trip was cut short due to a snow storm.

The Scenic Drive

One of the best and peaceful drives I have ever experienced. The white mountain scenery was a pleasure. Something you shouldn’t miss out on whilst in Iceland.

A huge volcanic hole

One of Iceland most iconic landmark is Kerid which is a volcanic crater located in the Golden Circle. It is a bit of a climb and steep slippery slopes can be dangerous. Sometimes best seen without the snow the sunset here is incredibble although be careful when dark the drop can be cause injury

Excuse my Photography skills.

Luckily the Golden Circle was the location we luckily saw the Northern Lights. However my photos were very blurry as I didnt know special camera skills were needed to capture them. But nonetheless the lights are an incredible sight in person.

Park the Car and Go for a Walk

Thingvellir is one of the best places to go for a walk. The natural scenery is said to be incredible. However my trek was short lived due to an upcoming storm.

Sit on the snow and enjoy the beauty.

Once in a while, whilst travelling its an amazing feeling to be able to just sit back and enjoy the beauty and scenery of the place. I loved this sun setting behing these snow covered mountains.

The Snow Storm Begun

The Goldon Circle can take 3 days to explore but unfortunately our adventure was cut short because of this snow storm. We were advised to stay indoors. The drive home was a scary but awesome experience something that I would never experience back in London.

“If you listen carefully, the winter silence is beautiful.”

— Unknown

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