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Where Weather Gives Character

Sunny days are pretty rare in Edinburgh or in Scotland as a whole however they do happen and lately its getting sunnier mor than often. However my trip was a rainy, misty and wet one. Nonetheless its an experience and the character of the location and honestly the historic streets, alley ways and stone roads look amazing in the weather.

Photos By Ian
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Old and Beautiful

Edinburgh is known for its medieval buildings, castles and hilltop views.

Haunting But Enchanting Street Views

Edinburgh has a huge medieval history some very gruesome, these stories are portrayed in many of the haunted and ghost tours you can take in Edinburgh. In nearly every single corner of the city these creepy views can be seen.

The Rain and Fog

Don’t it make the city look incredible.

Arthur’s Seat

An extinct volcano right next to the city. This is another aspect I love about Edinburgh the fact that if you want a little adventure Arthur’s Seat is only a few minutes from the city centre.

Calton Hill

This City’s incredible picturesque views never ends. Calton Hill is another area for calm hikes and although fogs blocked my view of the city, it looked like a scene from some kind of movie filter free.

Excursions from the City

An excursion away from the city is also popular. These are just some of the places where tours could take you.

To Edinburgh

Stone above storms, you rear upon the ridge: we live on your back, its crag-and-tail,
spires and tenements stacked on your spine, the castle and the palace linked by one rope.
A spatchcock town, the ribcage split open like a skellie, a kipper, a guttit haddie.
We wander through your windy mazes, all our voices are flags on the high street.
From the sky’s edge to the grey firth we are the city, you are within us.
Each crooked close and wynd is a busy cut on the crowded mile that takes us home
in eden Edinburgh, centred on the rock, our city with your seven hills and heavens.

-Valerie Gillies

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