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Boracay is one special place to visit in the Philippines. In my opinion it is a must see location when in the country. It is one of my first excursion away from the capital in my early years travelling and since then I have been back around 5 times. The island is changing all the time, it was an awesome place when I first visited but then when tourism hiked up it got a little messy but now it seems that they have pulled their act together and are managing fine.

The island is known for its parties and at peak dates it can gets very congested however the island can be whatever you want it to be. There are corners where it is quiet, some for adrenaline and others for the nightlife.

A Walk Along the Beach

These photos have been taken during my most recent trip, during the Covid period where travel was to the bare minimum. The results of these photos are very rare and usualy these scenes would be filled with people. It was a pleasure to walk along the beach this time round.

No Filters Needed

The Sunset

Well none of my photos have filters anyway but just look at this for a scenery, imagine lying on the beach with this in front of you.

Just Like a Painting

The Night Scene

The nights here in Boracay dont do too bad either. Usually packed with party goers but at the moment this beautiful calm scenery is a real treat. I am very lucky.

Looking at the Island

Every angle you look makes great views around the island.

Just Roaming

The Private Luxury

Yes, for those with a bit more money to spend Boracay has a place for you. Some hotels have their own private beach away from the usual crowd. So if you want a relaxing place to lie without people walking around then these hotels might be for you.

Don’t Forget to visit other Islands

Puka Beach

One of the other famous beaches on the island itself is Puka Beach which lies at the edge of Boracay. A little stonier than the main strip but a lot quieter.

Mainland Caticlan

As part of the island hopping tour the mainland area is a destination, it is not as pretty as Boracay island but for eager explorers, it is a little interesting.

Crystal Cove

This place surprised me, an awesome area to spend half a day. A place built up for an extra amusement facility for those who want to venture out of Boracay island. Traditional huts make for a great unique picnic experience.

Boracay is always a pleasure to visit in the Philippine summer. The island itself is a beauty and there is just so much to do for the whole family. However due to its popularity it is so difficult to get a time where the island is this calm and empty, im just very lucky I was able to go during strict restriction covid period. Nonetheless even when busy the place is something you cant miss when in the country.

“At the beach, life is different. Time doesn’t move hour to hour but mood to moment. We live by the currents, plan by the tides and follow the sun.”

— Sandy Gingras

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