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Roaming on E-Bikes

Bagan is a large province full of different points of interests, from locations of world class sunrises and sunsets, to majestic pagodas and natural landscapes. However due to its distances from one attraction to the other and the lack of transport infrastructure. E-bikes are the main form of exploring, and what an incredible experience it is.

Meet new people in your hotels or hostels and ride together in convoys I cannot explain how good it is, just do it…

World Famous Sunrises

Thats rights, those famous photos roaming around your socials with those hot air balloons floating around an amazing sunrise background is taken here in Bagan.
04:00am and its time to wake up. Research and find your special location for the best views possible. If you still don’t know your spot or its too busy on the one you found, just ask the locals and they’ll help you out, expect to give a little bit though.

…and Sunsets

Just like the sunrises, Bagan sunsets are also world renowned. Again there are multiple locations for a good sunset expect to go early and sit around for a couple of hours.

Just Roaming…

Honestly I didn’t do too much research before going, when I arrived I just free roamed around on my E-Bike and saw hundreds of different pagodas and temples, I have missed out some of the location names but will fill them in once I know them. However my point is Bagan is just a beautiful excellent place to roam without having any direction, you will find something interesting and incredible.

Going Further

One of the most popular excursions to go on whilst in Bagan is a trip to Mt Popa, which is around a 1.5 hours drive. On the drive you may stopover some interesting places like a coconut alcohol and sweet factory.

Bagan is one of my favourite place I have ever visited. Not limited to the beautiful sunrise and sunsets, landscapes and pagodas but also the people. I have met some of the best and friendliest people both locals and and travellers some of which I still keep in contact with today. The roaming on E-bikes is also an amazing experience. Bagan is one place I highly recommend, there is lots of walking and waking early hours but its all part of exploration.

“There’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they’re absolutely free. Don’t miss so many of them.”

— Jo Walton

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