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Whatever your Perception

Another weekend trip to roam the city for myself. To acknowledge the place for myself.

Amsterdam is a city interpreted in various different ways. It is known for its red light district and legal tender of Marijuana which is good for some and discourages others. However its beautiful canals, world famous art and incredible histories shouldn’t be missed.

Museums, Museums and Museums…

Amsterdam is one of the most museum packed city in the world and it seems like they are all in close proximity to each other. Just have a wander and you’ll be sure to pass a few.

Canals, Canals and Beautiful Canals…

Another aspect that Amsterdam is known for are its canals. There are a load of them all them with picturesque views.

Taking a Walk

Walking around Amsterdam is easy, using transport is not really required each street is incredible and you may find something unique whilst you roam.


I dont usually go to concert halls, so I dont really know what is impressive or not but to me this was a sight to see.

Amsterdam is a city you must visit, its history, culture, arts and everything in between is incredible. The city plays by its own rules which is fantastic, it attracts mass tourists of due to many different aspects the city entails. Whoever you are the city will have something to offer.

“Amsterdam is like the rings of a tree: It gets older as you get closer to the center.”

— John Green

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