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To Travel, To Explore

Hi I’m Ian a Londoner who loves travelling and exploring. My objective is to inspire people to take a trip out of their comfort zones. Hopefully motivating travellers not to limit themselves to the common beach holidays but to relish the challenges of exploring and experiencing different cultures and lifestyles. I firmly believe the saying that travelling exposes one to experiences not observed at home, where even the bad moments become a valuable memory.
Hope you enjoy my site.

– Ian

Quick Travel Facts

  1. I prefer to travel solo or with only one or two companions. Although fun, I believe larger travel groups get a bit messy, harder to follow plans and plenty of compromise.
  2. I work for an airline, and use a lot of staff travel.
  3. I always go for the window seats (plane, bus and train) window please
  4. I try and do a Christmas Market trip every year.
  5. I eat at least one Mcdonalds meal in every country I visit (If available)
  6. Im not too adventurous with food, most exotic thing ive tried is probably crab.
  7. I stay in nearly all kinds of accomodations, I just don’t couch surf.

Best Travel Moment

Lost My Phone

One of my favourite moment in travel is when I lost my phone in Hanoi, Vietnam. Yes, you heard right I lost my phone sometime during my tour around the city. What’s incredible about this story you ask?

Well the moment I arrived back at my hotel I realised my phone was lost. Clearly stressed panicking in the hotel lobby the front desk asked what was wrong and I said my phone was lost. I thought to myself it couldn’t be during my roam as I was constantly using it for photos and music, furthermore I remember using it in the taxi on my journey home. However it seemed that the hotel staff was already on the case. The hotel manager told me not to worry, they’ll take a look at their cameras, get the taxi registration and give the company a call. So, I go up to my room already concluding my phone is gone along with hundreds of travel photos. About 2-3 hours later that day I get a call from the front desk with a very pleasant voice. “Sir we’ve got the driver of your taxi down here waiting for you.” I go downstairs and quiet to my surprise my taxt driver was holding my phone. At this point i felt an unexplainable delight when the driver gave it to me. Obviously I took out my wallet and grabbed whatever cash was in there, Pounds, Dong, Dollars you guessed it. But what surprised me even more was that the driver didn’t want a single penny from me, he left with a smile saying hes happy.

The reason why this was my best travel moment for me is that if this event happened to me in any other country in the world even at home in London, I could say goodbye to my phone that moment i left it in the taxi. The fact that the hotel staff went out of their way to track the taxi using every means possible was incredible. Furthermore the taxi driver coming back with my phone where others would probably disappear. It is the kindness of everyone involved was unforgettable and will be with me for some time to come.

Thanks to the hotel staff at ‘La Siesta Trendy’ in Hanoi an above and beyond customer service experience.

Worst Travel Moment

Soaking Wet

During my trip around Brazil and Peru, one plan was to visit the incredible Machu Picchu. We stopped over Ollantaytambo a small village where the direct train to Machu Picchu’s nearest town departs. However due train rules luggages wernt allowed, so we packed a light backpack to survive our trip. The days leading to our departure it was incredibly warm and sunny, even the morning of our departure itself. Upon our arrival to Machu Picchu it was warm but pretty cloudy. Then a few hours to into our visit the true South American weather struck. Shower like rains poured with very little shelter up the mountain. I had no appropriate clothes packed nor was I wearing waterproofs. The rain continued the entire day and as you can imagine, my head to toe and was soaked. Clothes, shoes and socks were sponges full of water, every step was an aweful feeling. Worst is that we had to take a 3 hour train back that same day. Yes that was 3 hours in the train like a walking sponge. Not a nice feeling.

Although this unfortunate weather, Machu Picchu was still incredible, still one of the best places I have visited.

โ€œYou only get one life. It’s actually your duty to live it as fully as possible”.

-Jojo Moyes-

The above quote is just one of which inspires me to travel and explore

3 years and running

Below is a video I made to portray what travel means to me.

It is a video made to celebrate this sites 3 year anniversary formerly known as sunandthreestars.blog

Final Remarks

This site formerly known as sunandthreestars.blog is based on personal views with facts picked up on journeys. All photos shown are of my own unless otherwise stated. I always look forward to communicating with my readers so please do not hesitate to message me. If you liked the site please tell others. Finally I hope you enjoy roaming this site, hopefully inspiring you to go to some of the places I have travelled.


  1. โ€œYou only get one life, its actually your duty to live it as fully as possible.โ€ I LOVE this! While I do not get to travel as often as I would like, I try to experience something new each and every day, to do something that puts me out of my comfort zone. Thank you so much for sharing your travels and allowing me to see the world through your lens.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good question, apart from my home countries Philippines and UK.
      Peru was unbelievable especially in cusco and machu picchu. It was like being in a movie. Japan had its good and bads, but their people, food and hospitality were amazing.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ian, thanks for stopping by my blog. You have something in common with my hubby. He also works for the airlines in Europe. You know aviation is a disease? Really it is! LOL
    After 11 years with my hubby I still get a 737 and a A330 mixed up and all the hubby does is shakes his head at me. But, then he has over 32 years of experience. Cool places you have travelled to and I am following to see what other adventures you are up to. Safe travels!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks very much for your kind comment, i really appreciate it… Aviation is very addictive lol… I also saw your blog and was and was impressively unique. I guess you also base between two countries which is good for ease of travels. I have never stepped foot into the United States and the Netherlands even though its right next to the UK… Maybe I could get some travel advice in the future :)… thanks again and i look forward to reading more of your blog…

      Liked by 1 person

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