Which Bag to Bring?


So for all of you that reads my blog or follows my social pages you may know that on September I will be taking a sabbatical from work in which I will travel a circuit around the world. I’m now planning all aspects of the trip such as the routes, accommodation and activities. I’m also looking into the smaller aspects such as money, clothes and bags which where my little dilemma begins. Now ive travelled so many times and Ive used so many different types of bags. However this trip will prove to be a bit different as ive identified I really need to consider my flight baggage allowance, space and convenience including hand carry in the equation. I just want to keep costs down not needing to pay extra baggage allowance on all my flights, furthermore I wouldn’t want to carry something too heavy or pull a roller luggage in places which might have endless gravel or dirt roads.

Space needed.

So first thing I thought of is obviously what bags and luggages are required for, to bring all my items right. So wheres the complication? Well its the amount of stuff i’ll need, which is quiet a lot.

Lets get this right, i am normally the type of person who travels light, however this time due to my travel plans, its route length of time and, the amount of stuff i’ll need is quiet substantial from gadgets, clothes, toiletries, souvenirs (i might obtain) and much more.

In terms of gadgets, laptops snd cameras are a norm on these types of travel. Laptops for the usual work such as bookings, financial, blogging and editing. Cameras, well obviously to take photos. The other gadgets I plan to bring are my drone and Go Pro, which with all my accessories are quiet bulky and heavy. So bringing baggage back to the equation i’ll need something robust to protect my gadgets. Furthermore I’ll have to think of airline rules such as batteries which will need to be hand carried.

Clothes is a little more complicated than my other trips. Normally I go to one region and I can more or less predict the weather and what i’ll need to bring. However this time around I will be passing through every single region and will be experiencing nearly all sorts of weather, such as wintery, rainy and tropical weather. So with the length of my trip you can kind of gauge how much clothes I will need to bring.

Other than those, the other items I will need are a small issue. Toiletries I can just buy and dispose when needed. However something that some travellers dont really think of is the items (souvenirs) usually bought during the adventure. Many travellers I have met fully pack their baggage to the max capacity at the start their trips with no room for extra products for their way home.


After space comes convenience. Its all well and good to bring 3 huge bags to a resort trip (not me!!!) where there are handlers point to point, but this is more than undesirable whilst backpacking. I’m a huge huge fan of duffel bags carried on my back rather than roller luggage’s however as my planned trip includes long walks, a very heavy bag on my back may be difficult, but on the other hand bringing a roller luggage may not be good as I will be visiting places that might have rough surfaces, ive pulled luggages in these types of places before and its not easy.

Keeping Costs Down

In terms of airlines, with luggage comes costs. Obviously I want to keep that down. 23kg is usually the magic number if travelling on premium airlines, whereas budget airlines will incur extra costs. More than 23kg it gets a little bit more expensive.


I know ive kinda made a small issue large however I think its a fair issue that many overlook. Keeping all the aspects above in mind, I think I shall buy a larger duffel bag to carry on my back and a small cabin sized roller luggage to pull aroound. This way I think the weight of both in total wont be too harsh on my back on longer walks with my heavier objects on a smaller roller luggage. However im also thinking of just buying the largest duffel and put a rucksack in it for when I need to roam or for airline carry-ons. I guess i need to go to the shops and test out a few products.

What do you guys think, any advice would be helpful. I dont want to buy something expensive and get the wrong thing that may be a hassle on my trip.

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