Around the World Trip (Update 09/04)

Approved And ready to go

A Circuit Around The World

“At last all is approved, now we wait”.


So for those who read my last post, you already know that its been a long time plan for me to circle the world in one huge trip. The plan was to get a longer leave off work (sabbatical) to be able to achieve this dream. I have finally go approval and 15th of Sepetember is the big day. The start of my dream trip.

The Plan

My ultimate objective is to do the full loop around the world from West to East, starting from London, probably going down to Africa, then heading to the Middle East, then to Asia where I will cross the Pacific via Fiji to the Americas and then either straight flight back to London or fly to Europe first and then train it all the way back to the UK. Although I will plan a rough outlined route, I will not limit myself to this and will endeavor to be as open on my routes as possible. I will just need a little guideline to follow so I don’t get myself to a dead end where I wouldn’t be able to move forward on to my objective and undesirably backtrack wasting valuable money and time.

I have no current planned date for this trip but will probably be in the latter months of 2023, making sure that all aspects such finance, health and world safety are in good order. I will initially travel solo however I intend to meet friends and family along the way to join in certain sections of the trip, furthermore I am open to join other travelers routes if invited and likewise be joined for part of my venture if suitable with my onward journey along my circuit, not going backwards. Flights will mainly be used especially from one country to another but I shall take train, coaches and boats to venture domestically within a country, I will not hitch hike. Hostels and Long term lodges will be my main form of accommodation but all-inclusive tours like G-adventures, Contiki and other alike will be utilized at times and I would not exclude the odd resorts and hotels for a little treat from time to time. I’m not very keen in renting cars on my trips especially if I am alone, however if it is something that would make a location easier to explore I will be open to that option.

The Route (Updated 09/04)

Below I have outlined the route which I might take, however as stated earlier I will not firmly stick to a planned itinerary and will be open to take other routes if it is easier, cheaper and more desirable.

  • London, United Kingdom

    My home and my start/end location.

  • Johannesburg, South Africa

    The first location of my trip and I thought to start it off with a G-Adventures tour as it would be easiest to time it. I might do a short safari tour venturing into neighboring countries such as Botswana and Zimbabwe but will eventually return to Johannesburg as its best connected to my next destination. However after my tour, depending on time I might detour to Cape town.

  • Doha, Qatar

    Qatar will be an important transit point for me. I don’t think I would stay here long. A place where I will probably book a hotel to recharge ready for my next location.

  • Male, Maldives

    After I hope to do a stint in an island nation, most probably Maldives . I won’t be doing the high end resorts but hope to rent a lodge by the beach and experience the local life. This is a location I would probably want friends or family to join me.

  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Manila, The Philippines

    Malaysia may be a place I could give my wallet a bit of a breather. I will either stay in the city, go to a beach or to a rural area and experience a very simple life.

    Likewise the Philippines, the motherland and my home away from home could be used as a stopping point to meet the family and keep costs down as I own an apartment there keeping saving on accommodation costs. I am also able to go to the countryside where I again have access to family homes. As im frequently in the Philippines it won’t be much of a new experience but may be able to venture into new islands.

  • Brisbane, Australia

    From Asia, I might head down Australia to meet a friend and tour a little, Im not too sure how long i’ll stay yet.

  • Auckland, New Zealand

    After Australia I shall cross the pond to New Zealand rather than heading straight to Fiji.
    I shall land in Auckland and make my way down to Wellington where I would depart the country. This country may prove to be one of the more expensive locations of this trip so a long stay might not be on the cards. I might have to be clever on how I explore, I might have to rent a van as my ride and accomodation.

  • Nadi, Fiji

    Fiji is another islands nation that I might try a local life, renting a lodge and living cheaply rather than resorts. However I have heard that Fiji can be a little dangerous so if that is the case then I might get myself into a hostel maybe rent a car and drive around the island.

  • San Fransisco, USA

    The American west coast will be my entry point back to the west. I have chosen San Francisco as ive been told just like in Europe I could explore the city without the need to rent a car as public transport is sufficient.

  • Toronto, Canada

    After San Fransisco I may head to Toronto to meet some more friends and family. I have been advised to try get an Airbnb downtown to really experience the city.

  • Quito, Ecuador or Chile/Argentina

    …and nearing the end of my trip, I want a memorable and a highlight ending. So im thinking of either visiting the Galapagos islands in Ecuador or Patagonia in either Argentina or Chile.

  • Madrid, Spain

    If my energy, time and money are still available, then I might decide to cross the Atlantic into southern Europe first and then make my way up to London by train as a closing lap for this experience. I shall fly into Madrid stay a night or two maybe pass by Andorra, then make my way to France and then eventually back to London.

  • London, United Kingdom

    Back at home where I shall leave about one week before I head back to work.

Message for Friends and Family

If you are looking for a bit of an adventure around september and haven’t got anything planned yet, please do not hesitate to join me at any point of the trip, it would be so awesome to see many familiar faces along the way.
Dont hesitate to message or call me and let’s make a plan.


So there it is…
September 15 is the day I start. More and more research is needed for all sorts of reasons. I need to check out required documents, money, safety and other issues. The plan is not concrete yet but I do not expect the plans to be totally solid for my trip anyway as I look to keep my options open during the trip, depending on who I might meet.
So till my next update…

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  1. Nice itinerary👍just to throw in a small tip done by us a few years back, and feel free to check out our posts about some of your destinations: from NZ rather than going to Fiji, fly via Tahiti to Easter Island to Santiago in Chile. We have been to both Fiji and Tahiti/Easter Island and we would choose the latter for sure. Also flights from Santiago to Guayaquil to go for Galapagos Islands is easiest option. Also to other destinations like Peru and then up to California. Feel free to read our posts on New Zealand, Easter Island, Galapagos Islands and California. And btw, San Fran is nothing like Europe 🙂

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