Quick Facts

Type: City Break
Best Date to Visit: Jun -Sep
Expense: Expensive
Things to Do: Hiking, Sightseeing, Shopping, Dining and many more
Points of Interest: The Rock, Saint Michaels Cave, Europa Point, Moorish Castle, Gibraltar Botanic Gardens, Seige Tunnels and so much more
The Good: Small area with plenty to see and do.
The Bad: Roads were very confusing and things were a little bit more expensive than other parts of Europe.


Gibraltar is one of many British overseas territories such as the Falklands, St Helena, Bermuda and so much more. It is situated in the southern end of Spain and the Iberian peninsula overlooking Morocco. It is popularly known for the Rock which is the centre piece of the territory which is also known for the wild apes, dolphins, castles and so much more.

The Rock

It is not that often you get to see a locations main attraction just as you land at your destination. Well the rock is the centre piece of Gibraltar an attraction that is literally impossible to miss. The picturesque landmark is incredible and one of the reasons tourists visit. An attraction that actually has multiple other attractions within its body.

St Michaels Cave is probably the most popular attraction within the rock. Its spectacular limestone formation is incredible. The facility has now added a new lightshow feature which plays at certain timed intervals.

The rock itself has multiple different caves and tunnels, some used and built from different periods in history. Many tunnels can be visited but some are closed off. The sige tunnels and WWII tunnels are the attractions that you are able to visit. If you love history these are two places that is a must, a fascinating place to go.

A spectacular feat of Gibraltar is that it is the only European nation with a wild ape population. These creatures are wild however can be easily seen on the upper part of the rock. Furthermore there is a section called the Apes den which is a location where I believe the apes are fed a point where tourists can see these creatures easier. Be careful though, I have visited wild monkeys on other trips but I have to say these are probably one of the more aggressive ones.

Other than all the attractions on the rock to hike on the landmark is a joy in itself. You can see Gibraltar, Spain and Morocco from almost every single point and the views are unique and in my opinion world class.

History and Culture

Gibraltar is a place full of culture and history. The reason for its very existence is fascinating. The territory is British and I felt that most of the population I crossed were proud of that. To me the place felt a little weird (in a good way). I was on the edge of Spain miles away from Britain but the money, food, language and shops very much similar to the United Kingdom. There is various memorials and museums to show each period of Gibraltar.

Its Beaches

Gibraltar has only a number of beaches but I feel the territory is not a popular beach destination. The beaches are only found on the east side of Gibraltar and I feel they are nice but nothing great. The most notable beaches are Sandy bay and Catalan beach which arent very big themselves.

Other Pleasant Roams

Gibraltar is very small and if you love to roam then you can probably see everything within two days. One of the places you should see Europa point which is the most southern point of the territory. It is short of the title of the most southern point of Europe though which goes to its neighbours Tarifa in Spain. Europa Point has some great views of Spain and Morocco, there is the sports complex, a lighthouse and the territory’s religious structures.

One of the most luxurious places in Gibraltar and one that attracts many tourists is the Seaview Village, where the Boatels, Casino and higher end dinning are. A good place to take a little stroll.

The main town itself is also a pleasure to roam, its old Spanish and British styled architecture still stands. The main shopping district known as Europa Road is about a 15 minute walk from end to end hosting an arcade and the majority of Gibraltar’s restaurants and shops.

Although small, Gibraltar has itself an incredible Botanical garden with a large variety of green residents from around the world. It is free and a nice place to find some peace and quite. A worthy visit during your stay.


There is not too much organized activities on the territory, from the top of my head there are a few walking tours an E-bike tour and the most notable the dolphin sight seeing tour.

Attractions to see

The Rock- The huge limestone rock that you will see upon landing to Gibraltar. The main image of Gibraltar itself.

Casemates Square- Main square, excellent view of the rock where many restaurants are.

St Michaels Cave- An incredible cave, now with light shows and at times theatre shows. To me the main attraction within the rock.

O’Haras Battery- One of the highest point in Gibraltar, best views of both Spain and Morocco

The Seige Tunnels- A series of tunnels built by the British during the great siege of Gibraltar

WWII Tunnels- Another tunnel built by the British used for soldiers during WWII

Moorish Castle- A medieval fortification which includes the Tower of Homage and the gate house a place of huge historic significance

Europa Point- The most southern point of Gibraltar. Not Europe.

Apes Den- Yep you guessed it, these monkeys have a den

Windsor Bridge- For those adrenaline junkies this high bridge gives some much needed excitement

and so much more

(There is just so many different attractions to visit and locations to explore check them out and plan your itinerary out properly.)


Altogether my trip to Gibraltar was satisfying, it was incredibly small but a destination full of adventures. You can roam the whole place within 3 days, however I think you wont get bored if you stay for 7 days. Being from the United Kingdom I feel the similarities in culture but it is also a place that you feel like you are abroad in another country.

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