Conwy Town

Conwy Town

Quick Facts

Type: Historic Village
Best Date to Visit: Jun -Sep
Expense: Fair
Things to Do: Roam
Points of Interest: Conwy Castle, Smallest house of Great Britain, Plas Mawr, Conwy Suspnsion Bridge
The Good: Amazing views, unique setting
The Bad: Can get very very busy at peak holiday times


Conwy is a huge county borough North of Wales. However within the borough there is also a walled market town called Conwy which is a world heritage site, this is what we will review in this blog.

The town is said to be Britain’s best preserved medieval towns with its walls, streets and historic buildings still standing.

A Day Visit

Conwy is small and walking from one end of the town to the other is about 10-15 minutes. It is a place you visit to bask in its history or relax and eat by the quay.

Best Way to Roam

In my opinion the best way to roam the town is by doing the wall walk. Although this could be difficult for people with a fear of heights the 20-30 minute walk takes you to nearly all of the towns borders giving you some of the best views of the outside panoramic scenery and the beautiful old streets of the town.

The Attractions

Conwy town has only a few places to see, however these in my opinion are incredible attractions which some would flock just to see them. Firstly we have Conwy Castle (Cadw in Welsh) a well preserved medieval fortress. The Castle exhibits its history for a small fee.

Another place to go and see is Plas Mawr which is an Elizabethan town house also available to explore with a small ticket fee.

A pretty unique feature of this town is what is dubbed as the ‘Smallest house in Great Britain’, a great attraction to go and see. You are able to enter the house for a small fee or take a picture outside with a steward dressed in traditional clothing.

Britain’s Smallest House (photo taken by Nilfanion)

The Attractions

Smallest house of Great Britain- As the name states, deemed the smallest house in Britain

Conwy Castle- The main structure of the village, includes a museum.

Castle Walls- You can roam the edges of the village via the castle walk. Make sure your not afraid of heights though.

Conwy Suspension Bridge- One of the first road suspension bridge built in the world

Plas Mawr- A well preserved Elizabethan town house


Conwy town is very small but for a day trip very exciting. The wall walk was an incredible experience giving views of the town itself and the outside views. When I went (a sunny day in June) I though it was very busy with the small walkways getting very crowded but I was told that it is normally much busier. In my opinion the town is a day or even half a day visit, you will be able to see and do everything within a few hours.

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