Quick Facts

Type: City Break
Best Date to Visit: Jun -Sep
Expense: Fair
Things to Do: Nightlife, Museums, Dine, Shop, Football
Points of Interest: Royal Albert Dock, The Beatles Story, Anfield, Liverpool Cathedral, World Museum, St Georges Hall and so much more
The Good: For those who love a a music and nightlife scenery, Liverpool is one to visit.
The Bad: Due to its huge nightlife scenery at almost every single location, the city can get very messy, broken glass, spilt alcohol, trash and more.


Liverpool is one of England’s most popular city, known as the ‘city of culture’ which is popular for its football and the birth of world famous rock group the Beatles. It is also popular for the diverse offering of food and music with restaurants, pubs and bars offering live music. Historically the city was an important port city which grew under the industrial revolution.

My visit to the city is another place to ease into travelling after these Covid lockdowns. The difference between here and Portsmouth was that more tourist establishments are open, whereas in Portsmouth important tourist places like museums were still closed(albeit earlier into the easing of lockdowns).

The Culture

In 2008 Liverpool was dubbed as the city of culture due to its art, theatre and music. Although it is now 2021 I still explored the city with this title in mind.

During my visit, my first impressions were not as how I imagined it to be. There were a few free art museums and theatres but it was the music that takes the city by storm. With nearly all bars, pubs and restaurants offering live music. Moreover these venues were scattered all over the city and were not concentrated in a particular location. This is good but can also be bad as it may not be a place possible for some tourists to find any peace and quiet.

There are plenty of museums such as the world museum which showcases a diverse exhibitions ranging from nature, space and world histories. This museum fascinated me as although it was very small compared to similar museums in London had an aquarium, real mummies and interesting artefacts.

There are also numerous art museums such as the Walker Art Gallery, Lady Lever and the Tate Gallery all of which are free. I didn’t manage to enter any of these as all were fully booked with limited visitors allowed due to Covid.

Other Museums that concentrate about the city itself and its history are the Liverpool Museum and the Beatles Story. I didn’t manage to visit these myself but I heard it is great to see whilst in town.

The Cover Attraction.

A highly recommended place you must visit which is probably the city’s main attraction is the Royal Albert Dock. This area with its historic significance is home to a number of museums, shops and some of the finest restaurants in the city.

A City for Music and Food

One interesting place I did explore was Bold Street which is full of different restaurants, shops and bars, again with most offering live music. It had a livelier atmosphere than other areas with majority of people flocking there. However in my experience it seemed that nearly every single location had similar environment.

The Football

If you know your football then you’d know that Liverpool is home to one of the most successful team in the world. This city loves the game with two of their teams Liverpool FC and Everton in the top tier of the English league. If you are looking for some sport tourism then Anfield the home ground of Liverpool FC is one with incredible history and significance around the world. They do daily tours which include a free roam of its pitch, museum and other stadium areas. You dont have to be a fan to appreciate this stadium.

Photo by Rept0n1x

…and Shopping

Liverpool is a haven for shopping, it is a city surrounded by shopping districts with some of the largest brands in the country. Liverpool One is the main mall, it is modern and spacious with a plethora of shops and restaurants. So for the shoppers out there Liverpool could be a place you like.

Watching the sun go down

When I travel I always look to experience a beautiful sunrise or sunset. I believed this was not possible in the country however I thought wrong. The sunset in Liverpool was incredible, situated along the coast near Albert Docks all you need is to buy some snacks find a spot and watch the show.

Attractions to see

The Royal Albert Dock- One of Liverpool’s most iconic locations. An awesome place to roam, dine and stay most attractions are situated around here. I highly advise to visit this place during a summers sunset.

Anfield- For the football and sports fans this stadium is one of the most iconic in the game around the world.

Tate Liverpool- For the art lovers, just like the Tate in London, this gallery exhibits modern contemporary art.

Bold Street- A popular street which many bask to enjoy a variety of restaurants and bars. Many with live music.

The Beatles Story- If you know and love the Beatles this museum might be for you.

The World Museum- One of the most diverse museums I have encountered. Exhibitions include and aquarium, insect, Ancient Egyptian, dinosaurs, world cultures and even space

Museum of Liverpool- A museum devoted to the city itself

Liverpool Cathedral- Everybody loves the sight of a cathedral towaring over a city.

and so much more

(There is just so many different attractions to visit and locations to explore check them out and plan your itinerary out properly.)


All in all I thoroughly enjoyed the city, in my experience it is one that is friendly and welcoming. Somewhat opposite from its negative reputation. It is a city full of music, art and history but in my opinion its night life surely takes centre stage. Not a negative, but if you are looking for an easy quiet holiday, Liverpool is probably not for you.

Its museums should not be overlooked although smaller than those in London its art and artefact are somewhat equally or more precious than those in London.

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