Easing A Return To Travel (pt3) Exploring England

Easing A Return To Travel

Exploring England

Exploring London is complete, time to go further.

Corona virus has practically closed the world, however we are now starting to see a few nations opening borders trying to restart their economies and their tourism industry. However we are still in a limbo period for travelling, things will be different and there will be an obvious new normal.

For me, I am still arguing with myself if I should just go online and book the next ticket out to any country and start travelling again. Although this is something I am eager to do I think I will wait for things to settle down, so I can enjoy the holidays the way I like it to be with little chance of surprises and unnecessary formalities, like a 14 day self isolation quarantine which will basically take over the visit itself. Even exploring local seems to be a little more difficult with social distancing rules, masks and limits in place. Furthermore facilities like some restaurants, transport and even public toilets are still closed and I am sure this is mimicked around the world.

So for now I will just get used to the new normal domestically and stick with my plans and take this chance to explore local whilst gaining the confidence to travel international again which will be very soon.

  • Explore Local

  • Explore London

  • Explore England

  • Explore United Kingdom

  • Travel Abroad

So now I have completed 2 segments of my plan ‘Exploring Local’ which I have done roaming my home borough of Greenwich and also roaming my home city, ‘Exploring London’. So next I went further into the country trying to visit some places I haven’t yet explored. Below are all the places I have visited post lockdown.


(After 1st lockdown)

My first beach trip in over a year. This location featured in national news as large crowds gathered as the pandemic was still ongoing. When I visited it was a sunny hot day temperatures exceeding 25 degrees (yes that’s hot for Britain). It was busy but not how the news portrayed it. To me everyone seemed socially distanced.


(After 1st lockdown)

Just a quick day trip, all shops were open but majority of the attractions closed. It was pretty busy but it looked like locals rather than tourists. Restaurants were open but only for take-outs. So as expected we ate outside on a bench.

Devon (Ilfracombe)

(After 1st lockdown)

Devon was one of the busiest locations in England full of staycationers, flights to Torquay were full and roads full of traffic. Whilst I was in Devon itself all restaurants had lines outside. Devon which usually is a peaceful area was anything but when I visited. Luckily Devon’s attractions are its natural places such as beaches, hills and hikes.

Isle of Wight

(After 3rd lockdown)

Probably one of my worst but interesting decisions. The Island was empty. I am 95% sure we were the only tourists in town. All shops were closed including many of its restaurants and tourists bus and attractions were not operating. Locals were also pretty grumpy and unhelpful towards tourists, im not sure if this is covid related but it sure dampened my experience. In the plus side the island was very peaceful.


(After 3rd lockdown)

Interestingly even with all Portsmouth’s museums and attractions closed, Portsmouth was pretty busy. Maybe its due to its university, shopping, beaches or even nice weather the place was booming with people. However there wasnt too much to do but go for walks and relax on the beach.


(After 3rd lockdown)

A destination with the largest crowds post Covid. Although strict social distancing restrictions were still in place everything was open for business. In my opinion it seemed people from across the country including London and Manchester visited this city for a little staycation.


(After 3rd lockdown)

Travelling 03/06

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  1. Anonymous

    I think this is great. Sometimes its great to go and visit the places that people flock from all over that is right in your neck of the woods, so to speak.
    Here in the states, depending very widely on each state you’ll find some restaurants, coffee shops and breweries open with a lot going out of business. Public facilities aren’t always open either.
    Good luck in your local and broader travels.


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