Easing A Return To Travel (pt1) Exploring Local

Easing a return to travel

Exploring Local

Royal Borough of Greenwich

So it looks like things are slowly starting to open up again here in London and the United Kingdom as a whole after the COVID-19 virus seems to have passed its peak. However travelling abroad still seems a far reach at the moment considering all the extra border formalities including self quarantines and checks. Furthermore peoples confidence in travelling at this moment is low and some may not even want to travel at this moment in time.

For me I want to get out there and start travelling again but I do have to be cautious so I planned to travel and explore in stages in order to confidently get back to normal. This gives me the chance to explore local something that I have been meaning to do but have not been doing as I have always preferred a travel abroad. I have no idea as to how long I will need to go through these stages as I will follow government’s restrictions and advice.  So my personal 5 stages back to normality is like this:

  • Explore Local

  • Explore England

  • Explore England

  • Explore United Kingdom

  • Travel Abroad

So at this moment I’m in the Explore Local Stage which I have been doing going around Greenwich the London borough I live in.  I have since updated my write-up on Greenwich, please feel free to check-it out.

Im ready to take my first public transport into Central London since the COVID-19 lockdown. and after I shall venture into one of the English country-sides if and when hotels open for overnight stays.

Click below to read our blog exploring the Royal Borough of Greenwich

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