Why I Explore

Why I Explore?

It is always a good and common topic amongst us travellers as to “why do you travel?”

I have been asked a few times from certain people, friends, family and colleagues about this topic, on why I love to travel so much? Why I love hectic adventures rather than relaxing retreats? Why hostels and not hotels? Why there not here?  Why not save money?  and so many questions a-like. It is also a common topic when meeting other travellers, from the long duration backpackers or the shorter stint adventurers.

Well I put it down to 3 main reasons.

  1.  People: The people I travel with, the travellers I meet and the communities I become a part of.
  2.  Our World: To enjoy and bask in the world we live in. To witness the beauty of our nature and to see magnificent architectural structures both old and new. Time warp into histories and learn about other cultures.
  3. Myself: It is what I enjoy, the independence, the learning, to push myself to limits in thrill seeking activities and adventures I wouldn’t be able to find at home.

Everybody has their own reasons why they travel abroad whether on a backpacking trip or a holiday. Some to party, others to learn, some to shop and others to relax. I have had the pleasure to meet so many different travellers from many different backgrounds, different ages and including my travel companions there are varied answers to this common question.

Thanks for the read…

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  1. It was great to read your post and discover the reasons for you to travel 🙂 about me, I travel because it inspires me to do what I like the most: to write and create stories 🙂 then I’m also very curious and traveling is, in my opinion, to meet new people and know how they live, how is the daily life in a different destination eheh have a great weekend and cheers from Portugal, PedroL

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