Dala Township

Dala Township

Quick Facts

Type: Rural, Provincial
Best Date to Visit: Nov-Jan
Expense: Cheap
Things to Do: Roam
Points of Interest: Snake temple, fishing village and more
The Good: Beautiful uninfluenced way of life
The Bad: Huge for scamming gangs, no police to help, little transport mediums, little hotels and lodges, small in tourism infrastructure (not really for tourists)


The Dala Township is an area just across the river on the Southbank of Yangon in Myanmar. Its only route is by ferry although a bridge is currently being built. The area is still largely undeveloped and it is still a rural provincial setting.  Tourist sometimes go here to witness the simple basic undeveloped lifestyle.

The Place

There are only a few places in which attract tourists here in Dala Township.

The Fishing Village

One of the attraction in Dala is the fishing village. It is a place where you would observe the lifestyle and living of the fisherman and their families. There is not much to see but their houses which is built riverside. If your not on a tour all you could do is just roam the village and take pictures there is no restaurants or shops.

Dalla Township (11)

Another place to visit is the Shwe Sayan Pagoda which houses a gold covered mummified monk which miraculously opened his eyes 15 days after the full moon of Tawthalin 13/10/2004 at around 1500. Today the body is encased in a glass box and is visited by pilgrims and tourists alike.

Dalla Township (7)

Other than that Dala Township has only its terrain, community and lifestyle to show off to tourists.

Dalla Township (14)

The Snake Temple

However one of the main purpose of a visit (or pass-by) to Dala is the “Hmwe Paya” Snake Temple¬†which is actually in Dala’s neighbouring town Twante.¬†The temple is situated in the middle of a lake which you are able to buy fish or bread to feed the larger fishes. Upon entering the temple you will see pythons of all sizes in every corner and many in the middle where a tree and buddha display is.

Dalla Township (16)

1000 Buddhas

Near the snake temple is also an area where you can see 1000 Buddha statues. This place was pretty cool and a great photo opportunity.

Dalla Township (19)

My Conclusion

Dala Township is a nice place to visit if you are the type of traveller who loves to observe rural and a provincial way of living.  The beauty of this area is seen through its atmosphere, characteristics and people as there is no heavy infrasctructure, little in points of interests and is not much to lure the usual tourists

Dala for me was clouded by scammers which made my experience a little negative (you can read more about the scam here). However I will not deter any traveller from visiting this place.

Overall the Dala Township was a mere ok place to visit. It wouldn’t be a huge loss to your Myanmar experience should you miss this place out. However If you do decide to go I could only say to enjoy its beauty but be mindful of the scammers which with no police presence enjoy their activities to many victims.

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