Still The Best Place I’ve Been


Still The Best Place I’ve Been

So ive been to a few more adventures since my mind blowing trip to Peru and to Machu Picchu. Firmly on top of all my places visited I have questioned if there is any place at all in the world that would knock Machu Picchu as the greatest place I can visit (in my perception). I believed my Cambodian trip to Siem Reap would have challenged Machu Picchu and although it came close, it just wasn’t enough to change my mind on Machu Picchu which is still my favourite place I have visited.

My current Top 6 Visited

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1st Peru, Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu)

2nd Cambodia, Siem Reap (Bayon)

3rd Scotland, Isle of Skye

4th Myanmar, Bagan

5th Finland, Rovaniemi (Lapland)

6th Spain, Pamplona (San Fermin Festival)

“As mind blowing and spectacular as Bayon was, it just didn’t give me the chills that Machu Picchu gave me.”

Please click below to see the post I wrote about the whole Machu Picchu.

Is there any place that you think would beat Machu Picchu?

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  1. As always in travel, the best places depend on what you are looking for. Like you, I have a list of favorites but one that always comes to mind was the week I spent on horseback with the nomads of Mongolia in what seemed like a million miles from anything. Travel does make us rich!

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