Travelling around Vienna

Vienna is a relatively small but very accessible city, with no prior planning we was able to move around the city with ease. Like London and other big cities, ‘Vienna’ has five modes of transportation which connects the city together.

U-Bahn which is their underground or subway system, for me it was the most used transport system in Vienna, it went to all tourist attractions or at least a 10-15minute walk away. All trains came at a good 3-5 minutes apart, I didn’t experience them being overly packed like in London, Rome and Barcelona.

S-Bahn their overground train is usually used for longer distant journeys, this was only used when we arrived in Vienna and needed to transit from the airport to central Vienna, Pratastern station which ultimately linked us to the U-Bahn straight to our hotel.

Vienna also have their traditional tram system known as the Straßenbahn, which is the 6th largest tram system in the world. I saw newer modern trams in Vienna but they have also kept their traditional ones at smaller routes.

Vienna buses (autobus) are also very active around the city. As I didn’t really know the routes of the buses, I didn’t take them, as the U-Bahn takes you to plenty of the touristic places. Buses in Vienna are smaller than the usual, and I didn’t see no double decker buses.

Travel tickets can be bought at a fixed price, and they can be used on all Buses, Trams and U-Bahn underground, however extra will need to be paid for journeys to and from the airport.

Like all cities taxis are ever present, we used this as an emergency to the airport as we were a bit late. Taxis in Vienna are pretty easy to get and the driver we had understood English very well. Taxis are the easiest more comfortable way to get around however can be more expensive than other modes of transport.

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