A Year Full of Discoveries 2017

So its another year with plenty of travels being fulfilled. Some cities I’ve visited this year were places Ive been before but there is always new discoveries in every visit. For the new regions I have managed to tick off my hit-list it has been wonderful with plenty to write about. However sometimes all doesn’t go to plans as I’ve missed out on some of my target journeys to Helsinki and Tallinn with the winter proving too expensive for me to finish the year off. Anyway all was not lost as I already had a wicked year travelling.

Below are just some of the places ive managed to visit, click on them to read some of my write-ups. Next year I hope to visit more with plans for South Africa and many more already on the bucket list.

Philippines, Jan/17 – Although a yearly visit, visiting different regions across Philippines gives new experiences


Hong Kong, Apr 17 – Visited HK twice this year for holiday and a short transit, I have now visited HK for a total 3 times and I don’t think it’ll stop there.


Macau, Apr 17 – A 2 day stop at what is said to be the second largest casino capital of the world.



Marseille, Jul 17 – Flew into Marseille to start my France-Spain trip experience which included a brief visit to Montpellier, a train ride (Renfre) overlooking the beautiful French Spanish landscape. During Marseille i got to do my first scuba dive in Europe and visit the Calanque landscapes.


Pamplona, Jul 17 – part of my France-Spain trip, visited this little Spanish region specifically  for the famous ‘San Fermin’, running of the bulls festival, one of my best travel experience yet.


Zaragoza,  Jul 17 – Another city visited as part of my France-Spain trip, although very beautiful, a bit too quiet for me with not too much to do.


Barcelona, Jul 17 – Just a brief visit, where I ended my France-Spain trip, with my bags safe in a bag drop at the station and a one day travel card I managed to visit all main attractions.


Milan, Aug 17 – A long weekend trip with the parents, an insight of why Milan is a popular destination for many.


Lugano, Aug 17 –  Just a few hours in this Swiss town, brilliant but very expensive


Bellagio,  Aug 17 – A day excursion from Milan, Its beautiful landscapes make this region a haven for many of the rich and famous.


Bath, Sep 17 – Just a short weekend away from London and into the small town of Bath where rich Roman culture are preserved through some its buildings and hot springs.


Hanoi,  Oct 17 – Although very much undeveloped, I can see why Hanoi has always been a popular destination for many. The people and their culture made this trip.


Halong Bay, Oct 17 – A short 2 day cruise full of brilliant sights and enjoyable activities and tours. Very luxurious in a country such as Vietnam

vietnam cover

Singapore, Oct 17 – Small city state but undeniably powerful. A short visit to one of the most powerful countries in South East Asia. Its rich culture and history shows how the state was brought up from literally nothing.



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