Royal Borough of Greenwich

Royal Borough of Greenwich

Quick Facts

Type: London Location
Best Date to Visit: May – August
Expense: Expensive
Things to Do: Sightseeing, River Cruise, Events, Picnic
Points of Interest: Cutty Sark, 02 Arena, Greenwich Park, Maritime Museum, Royal Observatory, Greenwich Market
The Good: Beautiful relaxed borough
The Bad: Public transport a little more difficult than Central London


Greenwich is a Borough in London which is situated in the south east of London. In the year 2012 the Borough was the newest authority to become a Royal Borough. Greenwich is famous for being the location where the ‘Prime Meridian’ runs through and is the reason where the term ‘GMT’ Greenwich Mean Time began, the place where every country around the world references time.

It’s Home

The newly titled Royal Borough of Greenwich has both historic and modern attractions.  Firstly we’ll start off in the North Greenwich region which is also known as the Greenwich Peninsula, this is the newer and more modern part of the borough. The 02 Arena formally known as the ‘Millennium Dome’ was built to welcome the millennium, today it is an exhibition centre which is the largest of its kind in the world. The building itself which is a large dome shape with 12 towers sticking up, which is meant to represent the hours of the clock and the months of the year which rightfully characterizes the location and ‘GMT’ Greenwich Mean Time. Inside the 02 Arena, in the centre is a huge concert hall, the biggest in Europe, which hosts various events such as Boxing, indoor tennis, concerts, award ceremonies and many more. Around the centre is various pubs, restaurants, a cinema and also clubs at some nights. Outside the 02 Arena just a 5 minute walk is the new ‘Emirates Air Line (Cable Car)’ was erupted just in time for the 2012 Olympics. The Cable Car takes passengers from the Greenwich Peninsula to the Royal Victoria Dock in what they call ‘flights’. Each flight currently costs £4.50 one way or £3.40 for oyster card holders. As the Cable Car is sponsored by Emirates they have also created a facility called the ‘Emirates Experience’ which is a little simulator promoting the airline for extra costs. Another attraction in Greenwich Peninsula is the ‘Greenwich Peninsula Golf Range’ here you will see the best panoramic view of Canary Wharf, whilst playing golf.

The other popular location in Greenwich is by the ‘Cutty Sark’, this area is older and has kept many of its historic buildings. The main attraction for this area is obviously the ‘Cutty Sark’ itself, a British ship built in 1869. The ship which is situated on the river bank is now parked and stationary, where visitor would be able to go  on board and even below the boat under the new glass cage. Other attractions around this area are various museums such as the ‘Queens House’, ‘National Maritime Museum’, ‘Royal Observatory’, the ‘Planetarium’ and a few other museum, some of which is free of charge. Another interesting aspect to experience in this borough is the historic ‘Greenwich Market’ which happens 7 days a week, although a lot more busier on the weekends and Sundays. Here they sell various products such as antiques, artwork, clothes and they also have many popular food stalls. Last but not the least ‘Greenwich Park’ which spans 183 acres on top of a hill. This park is another ‘Royal Park’ which provide a small group of Fallows and Dears. The park is also enclosed and has an opening time of 06:00am but closes at random times throughout the year.

Another area which is worthwhile visiting is Blackheath which is a old village with traditional shops in the middle of a Blackheath park besides ‘All saints church’.

My Conclusion

Overall I believe Greenwich is one of London’s best kept secrets. It is shadowed by focused areas like parliament square and shopping districts like oxford street. However just half an hour east of London’s tourism centres is Greenwich a place where everyone can enjoy whether you look for entertainment, history or just to chill in one of the city’s most beautiful park. ors

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