Quick Facts

Type: City Break
Best Date to Visit: April-June (Spring)
Expense: Fair
Things to Do: Sightseeing, Shopping
Points of Interest: Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triumph, Louvre, Notre Dam, Champs Elysees, Disney Land, Stade de Frances, Moulin Rouge
The Good:
The Bad:


Paris is the capital and most populous city of France. It is one of Europe’s major and popular cities and is known to be the most romantic city in the world. Given the name by the founding people called the Parisii in the 3rd century “Paris” has grown to be one of Europe’s best city destination.

The Place

I have fond memories of Paris due to the fact that from all the places I have visited from rich and poor places, it is the only place I have managed to get robbed, in a crowded Mcdonald’s near the Arc de Triumph, police however were not that helpful, fulfilling the reputation that the French has of being unfriendly, but don’t let that deter you from going it is still a fabulous place to go. Paris again is a quick city break away from London, its cheaper for my travels and hotels aren’t too expensive, that’s why I come back again and again, for a quick chill out.

First of all Paris has a rich culture and the people are full of patriotism and pride with everything they do. Food and restaurants are particularly impressive, there are patisseries and cafes everywhere and they are all with a good standards.

The Eiffel Tower is known to be the main landmark of Paris, it is the iconic figure always shown in magazines, poster, books and television. The structure is amazing from far or from below the tower itself, if you want to go to the top, it offers some great views but a ticket is required, you can go up to the top floor or the 2nd floor, obviously top floor will be more expensive. There are huge crowds around the Eiffel Tower, but with crowds comes lots of thieves, unlicensed vendors and beggars which get very annoying as a tourist, however military and armed guards are always present around the vicinity so safety and security is at a sufficient level.


Another popular location for tourists is the Notre Dam of Paris, situated in a fabulous area next to a river this gothic medieval catholic church is another highly rate place to visit whilst in Paris. Notre Dam Paris meaning our lady of Paris is also known for the fictional character ‘the hunchback of Notre Dam’.

The Arc de Triumph is known to be the most monumental of all around the world. It is visited by tourism for its beautiful detail which has been changed numerous times  due to political changes and struggles. The Arc itself centres a huge round about and the only way to reach the Arc is by going underground as there is no crossing, a ticket is also required if you would like to enter the Arc. The Champs Elysées which runs from ‘Charles de Gaulle’ where the Arc de Triumph is located to the ‘Place de la Concorde’ which is on of the largest squares in Paris. The Champs Elyséesis a huge shopping district for both locals and tourists, various restaurants, cafes, theatres also surround this area.

My Conclusion


Getting There

Obviously air carriers are the most popular mode of transportation to get to Paris. However Paris like London, Tokyo and other huge cities, has two main airports Charles De Gaulle International Airport and Paris Orly Airport. Charles De Gaulle is often the more popular destination as it is closer and has more transport links to central Paris than Orly. Various carriers travel to Paris from London, with the likes of British Airways and Air France being the obvious popular  two. It only takes a maximum of 30-45 minutes should there be no delays.

Another popular way to get to Paris from London is the Eurostar, a high speed train that travels from central London (St pancreas) to central Paris (Gare Du Nord). It is a non stop 3 hour journey and has 14 journeys a day with economy costing in the region of £150 and business class costing £250 one way.

As Britain is just above France, holiday makers from Britain often drive to France through the Euro tunnel. If you don’t have a vehicle but want to travel on road, various coach services are also available. The National Express takes passengers from London Victoria to either Paris CDG or Galleini. The cost could be as cheap as £20 to £30 one way, very cheap but the downside is that it will take 7-9 hours.

In Paris

Paris use similar modes of transport as of London, the Metro or RER Réseau Express Régionale (Regional Express Network) are Paris’s equivalent of the London Underground and are very similar by approach. A one day travel card can be purchased from the many machines in nearly all the stations.  There are also busses and taxis however I mostly just used their Metro or RER as like in London many points of interests are not far from stations.

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