Quezon City

Type : City Break
Best Date : November – May
Expense :  Medium, Fair
Things to do : Shopping, Sightseeing
Points of Interest: Quezon Shrine, Araneta Colloseum, Quezon Circle, Trinoma, Eastwood, Edsa Shrine ect


Quezon City is the biggest city in the Metro Manila Region and the most populous in the Philippines. It is a city named after the second president Manuel L Quezon who founded and made it the capital city ahead of Manila. Quezon City is not known for being a big hit with tourism, but it does have its gems.

The PlaceQuezon Shrine.jpg

As the city is named and famed for the late President Manuel L Quezon it is rightly so that the main attraction is his shrine where his body lies. The Quezon memorial shrine is the tallest monumental structure standing at 66 meters and in my opinion the most beautiful in the country. It is plain white in colour with three pillars in a triangular shape. Underneath the structure lies the late president’s body is a special enclosed mausoleum that visitors may not enter for obvious reasons of respect. The Exterior and the shrine itself is a nice place to visit, but it wouldn’t be complete without knowing about the history of the place. Around the Mausoleum underground there is a museum with interesting facts about the PresideManuel%20Quezon%20Tomb-L.jpgnt, the shrine itself, the city and even about Philippines as a nation. There is a small entrance fee but isn’t much. Surrounding the Shrine is a huge park “The Quezon Circle Park” it is complete with a small traditional theme park, playground for kids, a cycle path, fountains, ornaments and even market stalls. The park is free apart from the car park and amusements and museums.

Nightlife in Quezon City is found in the “Timog” district and “Quezon Avenue” just 10 minutes away from the Quezon circle area. Quezon Avenue known for being huge in Adult entertainment and comedy bars, whilst Timog is where the bars and clubs are. Popular massage parlour “Wensha’s” is also in Timog, for 1k pesos (£15) you could get not only a 1 hour massage, but an unlimited buffet, free use of the hot spring spa, steam room and many more, just relax there is no rush to get out of this place.

The other thing that Quezon City is famed for is off-course “Cubao” where the Araneta Colosseum is. This indoor theatre is known to Filipinos for its hosting of Basketball league games, Volleyball, concerts and sporting finals but is world renowned for being the host for??? Yes only the best boxing match ever known, the “Thrilla in Manila” the match proving engraved in the history books with Muhammed Ali and Joe Fraser. Although aged through time, Araneta Colosseum will always be monumental, and visitors may be able to enter with one of many shows it hosts to this date.

Overall Quezon City is a worthwhile place to visit, knowing where to go and what to do beforehand would be the best advice for travelling to Quezon City.


Transport in Quezon City is like any in Metro Manila, It is however harder to obtain a taxi as there is not as many taxi bays around the areas of interest.

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